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YURA NUNA, established in 2023, is a family-owned restaurant that aims to reinvent Korean cuisine. We pride ourselves on crafting delectable dishes that blend the familiarity of traditional Korean home-cooked meals with a contemporary flair. Our diverse menu includes rice bowls, bubble teas, and smoothies that are prepared with the highest level of attention, affection, and the freshest ingredients, ensuring not only delightful flavors but also healthy meals.



We originally established ourselves as K Ribs BBQ in 2018, but in 2023, we went through a rebranding process and emerged as YURA NUNA. YURA, one of our founders and chefs, inspired the name, and "NUNA," meaning sister in Korean, was added to convey a sense of intimacy and familiarity to our patrons. Our objective is to create a welcoming and homely environment, where our customers feel like part of the family every time they visit. We aspire to deliver that same feeling through the food we prepare for you.

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